The advocates of strong anthropogenic global warming (SAGW) imply that the sea level will go moonward if we don’t do something.   How well does that hold up?

From C3headlines:

We are about 0.15 meters (about 6 inches) below the MWP (Medieval Warming Period) maximum sea level.

We are at or just below the temperature of the MWP.


For people who believe the past is prelude to the present – it would really help to get accurate estimates of the MWP.  A tiger team to produce an accurate (at least unbiased ) estimate of temperature and sea level for the MWP without cherry picking and bad statistics would seem to be important and worth funding.  Only people with actual experience like botanists, sedimentologists, statisticians, etc. with no activist ties or financial interest in global warming need apply.

An accurate number for the MWP is a look into the future.